Japanese Coffee Shop in Taipei: Komeda’s Coffee Review

Komeda coffee

Japanese coffeehouse Komeda Coffee. As a result, the restaurant’s decor and menu are both in the Japanese style. A display of sample meals is located in the front of the store and is decorated with bricks. The shop has 75 tables, however if you visit in the late afternoon, there might not be any seats available.

Light wood is used in the shop’s decor, together with dim yellow lighting and colored glass’s lamp. The chair is a sofa with plush cushions. Additionally, each table has a socket plug for charging the battery



for the beverage menu, you can receive a free toast with the purchase of one drink every day from the time the shop opens until 11 a.m. and you have the option of taking toast with cooked eggs, egg salad, or red bean paste

I ordered a Chocolate float (漂浮巧克力), 150 NTD and chose toast + egg salad. In my opinion, the chocolate itself is quite bland, but the float cream is delicious. However, the best thing is the toast. I would say you come here for just eating bread is really worth it. The bread is buttered, toasted, crispy, very satisfying. Plus, there is an egg salad to eat together that makes it even more delicious.

Milk coffee + peanut

If it’s already past 11 o’clock, when you order drinks, the shop will give you fried beans instead. I order milk coffee (冰牛奶咖啡), 120 NTD, this menu is not sweet at all, suitable for people who want to drink coffee with pure milk. It’s delicious.

Miso Sauce Pork Cutlet Burger (味增豬排方堡), 220 NTD

Miso Sauce Pork Cutlet Burger
Miso Sauce Pork Cutlet Burger
Miso Sauce Pork Cutlet Burger

the first tome I saw this, I have to say it is very big. The bread is baked crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I don’t know what it smells like. The thick pork served with the greasy miso sauce is very tasty, you must try this.


In addition, the shop also sells various souvenirs such as coffee mugs, snacks, coffee beans, nuts, etc.

P.S. The restaurant is limited to eating time for two hours

Komeda’s coffee menu


The store has several branches in Taipei and other cities, but the branch that I went to eat is the Taipei Main Station branch. You guys can go to whatever branch and you can directly search the shop name on Google map

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