MQ Taipei foreigner-friendly bar near Taipei 101

MQ or Marquee Taipei is a Western-style bar. Most of the customers here are foreigners or expat. When entering the bar, you will find a lot of English speakers. Both European and Asian. Received 4.4 stars for Google review.

The atmosphere in the shop at 10 p.m. is not crowded. But after 11 p.m., the seats are full. But this restaurant is quite large with two floors, so you don’t have to worry about not enough seats. But if you go on Friday or Saturday, you can reserve a table first

Besides, this bar is not noisy at all, because each table is quite far apart, unlike some small bars, sit next to each other. The atmosphere in the shop is comfortable. Play international music. At a certain time, the bar will have DJs to mix music. The DJ platform is located in the middle of the shop.


The drink menu here is like a secret recipe of the bar. There are many options you can choose. Some ingredients that first I think it’s not supposed to match are such as cocktails that contain cocoa or coffee. (I still don’t dare to try this one)

I ordered Berry Feast (400 NTD). The taste is as the name. It’s a berry style. The taste when I drink the first bite is like a cough medicine eaten when I was a child. But the taste after that is so sweet. This menu comes with butter bread. which is quite hard, I can’t bite down hahaha, but overall

I also ordered Tortilla chips and Salsa sauce. I was very in love the taste of the sauce. Sour, good. I like it very much. Very delicious. I recommend you guys must order this menu.

For those who are looking for an international bar, not too noisy. I would recommend this bar. There are many drinks to choose and next time I want to try other cocktail recipes as well


The shop is located next to Taipei 101 Station, Exit 3, very convenient

MQ [ Marquee Taipei ]

No. 16-1, Section 5, Xinyi Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110

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