Taipei Music Center, The History of Taiwan Pop Music

Taipei Music Center, funded by the Ministry of Culture and operated by the Taipei City Government, was built and dedicated to the conservation and development of music in Taiwan. There is a concert hall that can accommodate up to 5,000 people and Cultural Hall that presents the history of pop music in Taiwan

I had the opportunity to visit the Music Island Stories exhibition, which is an exhibition about the history of pop music in Taiwan. Inside, there will be a music exhibition area. From producer’s room, the costumes that the artist wore in the concert, the demo lyrics of various famous bands are exhibit here. You will find more picture below this article.

Music Island Stories

Let’s start with the entrance. When you walk in, you will see the main hall. The staff will distribute brochures and headphones to listen to audio guide and listen to music that will come out of the show inside

This is a wall that uses classy cassette tape to decorate. I think it’s very trendy. In addition, there is also a locker cabinet for you to store as well (10 NTD locker fee)

Walking in, you will see a model train. Both sides of the window will continue to run Taiwanese 80s-90s music. The atmosphere outside the window is sometime dark, sometime bright, making it not boring

hen came to find the vintage vibe, old cinema of Taiwan, looks very classic. In addition, no matter where you walk, you headphones audio guide seem to sync the audio according to the position you standing

There is also a radio broadcasting room

After that, it will be a historical area of Taiwan’s music industry. There is an audio recording room. Artist’s notebook, costumes that the artist put on, computer and instrument

There is also a black room that opens concerts of various artists as well. The vibe is like you are really in a live concert. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures

When you finish watching the exhibition, you will walk out the same hall as you entered. And you can see a giant silver whale located up there. There will be many artists’ names on it

Location + How to get there

You can take the blue line MRT to Kunyang or Nangang Station and walk by 10 minutes

Taipei Music Center 臺北流行音樂中心

No. 99, Section 8, Civic Blvd, Nangang District, Taipei City, 115

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