Pingtung Public Library, enjoy nature and free working space

Hello, I have a destination in Taiwan to recommend. It is a public library of Pingtung City that anyone can access. The highlight of this place is the library surrounded by nature. Modern design practicality. The lobby is a cafe and well-known Eslite bookstore. This library is quite large. There are 5 floors in total, each floor is divided according to book type.


Main gate
Eslite Bookstore
Coffee shop
Library entrance

The 1st floor is the lobby floor. There are several sofa seats.  Sunlight pass through windows, suitable for sitting and reading.

1st floor
1st floor
1st floor

There is a spiral staircase in the centre of the lobby hall, you can walk up to other floors

spiral staircase
kid zone

The children’s zone has children’s seating and children’s books in a variety of languages including Chinese, English, German and French.

Kid zone
Kid zone
Kid zone
Kid zone

The 2nd floor is just reading zone, you can come to work here

2nd floor
2nd floor

The 3rd floor is a Young Adult book zone with a large staircase as a reading seat

3rd floor

The 4th floor is a bookshelf in the category of Literature Materials

The 4th floor is the highest floor that is open to the public. There is also a balcony outside to breathe in the natural air

Balcony door
4th floor

Looking down from the 4th floor, and you will see an angle like this

4th floor
4th floor

If you are going to travel to Pingtung, I would like you to come here. Come and see the nature, feel the peaceful atmosphere. The building is practically designed and user friendly. There are a variety of books, also children’s books are available in many languages. There is also places to sit and read or work for free.

How to get there

You can take buses 8228, 513 from Pingtung Station to get off at Pingtung County Library

Pingtung County Cultural Affairs Bureau Library

No. 69號, Dalian Rd, Pingtung City, Pingtung County, 90054

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