Xpark Aquarium in Taoyuan, Taiwan

The newly opened Xpark Aquarium in 2020 is a new attraction that many people have never been visit. Xpark is located near HSR Taoyuan Station, about 10 minutes walk. It is also close to Gloria Outlet, you can conveniently go shopping for luxury products.

Xpark in Taiwan is operated by Japan’s famous water park company Yokohama Hakkeijima, which can ensure the quality of both the design and the care of the aquatic life. The overall area of ​​the Xpark is not as large as the area of ​​the Pingtung sea life museum in Pingtung. Xpark located in the same building as Shin Kong Cinema shopping mall.

Inside the aquarium

When walking inside, you will find a giant glass aquarium standing out in the front, the light is very beautiful. Most of the people stop by and take photo here.

There is also a seal, come closing, swim and play in front of you, how cute is it. There is also Stingray and other sea life. But the most popular place people taking pictures is jellyfish! In this area you have to line up to take photos. After walking further, it will be a room that radiates light like the hologram. The whole room is a glass wall, but reflecting of the light can also make you dizzy yet I still think this room can give you an artistic vibe.

In the corridor between the halls, there are children’s play zone. And there are also fun activities suitable for friends or family to have fun together, Coloring the pictures of various aquatic animals. And the aquatic animal that we painted will be on the screen on the wall of the corridor. It is an activity that allows everyone to participate.

Not only those sea life mentioned above, There are also beautiful fish such as Nemo fish, cute, also many penguins to watch and enjoy. Those adorable penguin is similar to Taipei Zoo. They are in a big tank and they would swim, jump in the water and sit in front of you.

For anyone who is looking for a new travel destination outside Taipei, I would like to recommend Xpark, Located in Taoyuan City, near Taipei, just a short train ride away.

Ticket price

Adult ticket – 550 NTD

Student ticket 400 NTD

Children ticket (4-11 years old) – 250 NTD

Senior ticket (age 65 and over) – 250 NTD

How to get to Xpark

You can take Airport MRT from Taipei Main Station to A18 HSR Taoyuan station and walk around 10 minutes


No. 105θ™Ÿ, Chunde Rd, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, 320

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